Using Wathe to reduce customer returns

We’ve now modified our operations and reduced customer returns by around 20%

Solai is an ethical Fashion Brand that uses both biotechnology and regenerative, nature-based textile solutions in their production.They are an eCommerce business that utilises Shopify for their main webstore and integrates with third-party fashion eComm platforms. We spoke to Sarah Krause, Founder and Director of Solai, who described how Wathe helped plan their collections:

Before Wathe, we did use some very, very basic dashboards to try and understand customer engagement and sales, however, our access was limited to the basic features and it was too expensive for the premium features. In particular, we really wanted to do projections but we couldn’t find anything affordable.
I then saw an Ad for Wathe. It looked like something I knew we needed and was free. So I signed up and haven’t regretted it. With Wathe, we were able to effectively plan for our future collections. Interestingly, Wathe uncovered results from our data that I hadn’t even known about - our sizing and order management per size was a big, big issue. We’ve now modified our operations and reduced customer returns by around 20% - which is super important, as we often can’t speak directly to the end-customer and we rely on good relationships with our partners.
Having a comprehensive tool has been instrumental in taking the hassle out of organising our data and analysing it. There’s no way we could have done it ourselves without spending a lot of cash on a variety of solutions and I’m sure it would have been a lot of my time wasted.
Wathe has helped us to identify new opportunities, while improving the operationial strategy for fulfilling our future collections.