Using Wathe to increase sales by 10%

Wathe showed which products sold the most which meant we increased profit by 10%

Local HoneyMan is a London-based honey producer with over 200 hives across London and the UK. They sell their honey and honey-based products directly to customers through their website and in major retail outlets. We spoke to Curtis Thompson, Local Honeyman’s Founder and MD, to see how Wathe has helped business.

Wathe has helped us become data-centric in our decision making by bringing all of our data into one place and showing us which products our customers are buying and on which sales channels.
In particular, we’ve been able to analyse our website’s conversions to see which are our best-selling products. We’re now using this information to increase the supply of our best-selling products to our retail partners, resulting in increased sales and profit by around 10%. It’s still early and we’re seeing improvements every day.
We’re not really a business that uses a lot of IT, so using a ‘data tool’ seemed quite difficult at first. But once we saw Wathe, we realised how easy it could be and required no IT or data expertise at all. 

Ultimately, the numbers don’t lie and Wathe shows us which numbers matter and why